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               Main Office:  2302 E. Carey Street, Richmond, VA 23223


   Regional Business Partner Locations:

Nashville, TN; Charleston, SC; Louisville, KY; Charlottesville, VA;

Grand Rapids, MI; Townson, MD; Fairfax, VA


                                                                                      Phone: (804) 644-6404

                                                                                          Fax: (804) 644-6405




  • DMA’s Reserve Funding Navigator is a graphically based analysis system that can illustrate different funding options in real time.
  • Inflation rates, contribution escalation rates, initial funding, And threshold values can be varied in a dynamic way resulting in an easy to understand graphical summary of the funding And expenditure values.
  • DMA has the ability to address loans And special assessments within the graphic analysis which makes it easy to understand.
  • Our process integrates any changes across reports thus enhancing the "what If decisions" that many communities need to consider.




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