DMA Interactive Reserve Management

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               Main Office:  2302 E. Cary Street, Richmond, VA 23223


                                                                                      Phone: (804) 644-6404

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Interactive Reserve Management ™

"Get more from your Interactive

  Reserve Study Investment"


Interactive Working Sessions


DMA’s real-time Interactive Working Sessions can be conducted in-person with the board or via an on-line meeting.


On-line meetings can be scheduled to coincide with regularly scheduled Client meetings for review and updates to the Reserve Study.


  • Necessary step to assure the Board's understanding, comfort, and buy-in with decisions made and resulting financial projections.
  • Funding recommendations and a published Reserve Study cannot have occurred prior to this step because the information provided by input of the community and their management. will give a complete view of the community.
  • Our mutual goal is to assure adequate funding now and in the future; without undue regular or special assessments.



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