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Interactive Reserve Management ™

..."Your Reserve Study Experience does not end with the delivery of your Published Report".

Interactive  Update

  • DMA’s Interactive updating program is an ongoing system for keeping your Reserve Study up-to-date.
  • One of the most important features in DMA’s Interactive Update Program is the ability to update all the unit pricing in your Reserve Study every time the Reserve Study is opened for review in DMA’s system.
  • Interactive updating also provides the Client with the Client’s Schedule of Components in Excel format that can be easily edited and updated by the Client.
  • The Client is able to:

         • Enter historic costs for any component.

         • Enter future bid prices for any component.

         • Change the latest in service date and the next replacement date.

         • Add and/or remove components from the Client’s Schedule of Components.

  • The updated and revised data in the Client’s Schedule of Components is:

         • Checked and reviewed by one of DMA’s Reserve Specialists.

         • Re-programmed into the Reserve Study.

         • Published and returned to the Client.

  • The Interactive updating program also provides a ShareFile site for storage and exchange of the Client’s Schedule of Components, updates to the Reserve Study, correspondence and other information files.
  • On-line meetings to review, revise and update your Reserve Study under the professional guidance of one of DMA’s Reserve Specialists can be arranged to go on-line in a matter of minutes or scheduled to coincide with the Client’s budget/planning meetings.
  •  Because the analysis was done via data-based management with our unique Interactive Program; changes and subsequent updates can be immediately implemented and all information is integrated across reports.


DMA’s Reserve Specialists are available for on-line meetings just about any time of day or evening including weekends.



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