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Interactive Reserve Management ™

Cost Estimating Data Base


  • DMA’s Cost Estimating Data Base is prepared and updated on a continuous basis by DMA’s own estimator

        (Over 40 years’ of experience estimating experience with

          major construction contractors).

  • DMA's cost data base is automatically adjusted to your vicinity, and verified with the local market
  • All replacement costs include removal and restoration. These are adjusted for the unique conditions, access, and other working conditions of your project
  • This Cost Data Base is periodically updated for industry-published inflation, and is automatically adjusted for subsequent updates.
  • Extensive detail is not only to assure matching products and equipment; but is also available for pursuing alternative products, newer improved products, or desired enhancements.
  • Interactive Data Management allows for immediate assessment of inflation, alternatives, life-cycle analysis, and value engineering.
  • If a component replacement cost is not available in DMA’s Cost Estimating Data Base; DMA’s estimator will prepare a replacement cost for that component supported by the field condition assessment, pictures and, if necessary, real-time remote video inspection of the component using a video call application between DMA’s field staff and DMA’s estimator.
  • DMA’s estimator is also available for direct consultation with the Client’s representative.


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