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Interactive Reserve Management ™

Capital Reserve Data Management System


DMA’s Capital Reserve Data Management System is a facility management quality component data base featuring highly detailed comprehensive inventories, data and assessments.


This allows for unlimited flexibility to handle those 'what if' questions that may arise.



DMA’s Capital Reserve Data Management System features the following:


A thorough field inventory and assessment of all of the components.


• Repair and replacement costs assigned to each component.


• Historic client replacement costs entered and automatically adjusted to current values using a selected rate of



• Bids for future work obtained by the Client.


• Remaining useful life cycle return intervals.


• Capital projects that are being considered.


• Adjustments to the unit costs which are automatically adjusted to the local region utilizing a data base of City

  Construction Cost Indices.


• An Expenditure Summary generated as part of the Data Base featuring all scheduled expenditure and costs by



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